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Facebook चे वर्णन

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world and now it can be accessed wherever your are, using this app. Don't miss any update or news and keep up with what your friends are doing and let them know what you've been up to!

Share photos, create events, engage with your friends and follow Pages of interest such as locations, personalities and businesses tailored to your taste. Facebook is also useful to get to know which events are happening around you and let people know if you're going or if you have interest in knowing more about it.

You can have fun with your friends with specially created in-app games, watch live videos, buy and sell services as well as get notifications every time someone comments or likes your posts. Facebook is great to express what you're feeling by changing your statues and using its emoticons to give your opinion.

See what people think about local businesses by reading their reviews and getting to see pictures taken by them, and follow your favourite artists or companies to get their latest news. Share photos, videos and memories and don't worry about losing them as you can also back them up in albums.

Despite being an internet app, Facebook provides all safety measures and allows you to choose your privacy settings. Decide which photos you which people to see and which you want to be private by creating albums available only to certain groups. You can also take photos and record videos with your Android camera without having to leave the app.

Download Facebook now to start connecting with friends, family and people from all around the world.

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